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Gathering and orchestrating

Paul Qwest is the curator of the ensemble and claims this activity as an Art in its own right. A former art history teacher, he is also a writer and collector. He establishes the coherence of the various productions by arranging paintings, drawings, photographs and various objects in the form of meaningful ensembles, subject by subject.

What makes art here

The "work" is based on the interactions between the components of the arrangements. It's a question of broadening the meaning of the composition, like a cinematographic montage through a relational art, in much the same way as the juxtaposition of words in a sentence produces meaning.

In "Posthumous Fragments", Nietzsche speaks of the body as an "unheard-of community of living beings", a plural entity made up of "spirits", "souls" or "forces" in perpetual interaction.

A plural entity made up of "spirits", "souls" or "forces" in perpetual interaction.

It forms an 'aristocracy' in the sense that certain beings in the body are dominant and others dominated.

A psycho-diversity is emerging, and with it a considerable expansion of fields of consciousness.

What if the fragility of our representations reflected our dazzlement in the face of what's real?

A la question de la définition de soi-même, Pasolini répondit: un infini. 

Paul Qwest - Juin 2016