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The circumstance

In a conversation in 2015 with a feminist philosopher friend of hers, she explained how sexuality without stakes, the free sharing of pleasures between desiring adults, remains an "illusion" for women.


In other words, from her point of view, the relationship with the body remains a territory of seduction, of symbolic and practical trade with the other, a means of exchange most often aimed at something other than feminine pleasure.


Surprised by this assertion and defending the opposite, with the help of writer Elisa Brune, Séroux meets a gigolo who charges a fee for his talents to women who want a "no-stakes" relationship.


The paradox is that the freedom to be - for his clients - is greater than in their marital sexuality, for example. On the strength of this shared experience, under the name Max Gabhor, Séroux placed an ad on the Internet to document the free expression of anonymous individual female desires through photography.

The process

- The announcement was explicit; 

- So was the artistic work.

- Each of the people we met, who appreciated the approach, authorised image rights on condition that they remained anonymous. The same protocol was agreed upon each time. The desire to "her" was always expressed beforehand according to the mood of the moment.

The staging of the event was done jointly. Everything was free and unrestricted, and nothing was faked. We debriefed together afterwards and often repeated the act.


This work met her question. It was the spirit that counted, and the sharing of experience with those who had given themselves a special escape for a time.

For them, the essential part of life is elsewhere, even if this exploration was important.


A very large collection of digital photographs has been built up over the years.


Like Zorah Somexki's collection of found photographs, this is a work in itself.

Elisa Brune's curiosity is reflected in this major work. 


Clear and well-written, this collection of investigations explores all the aspects of the subject, particularly the scientific ones, and includes numerous interviews on the evolution of female sexuality in France.


Pour la Science - April 2012

A concentrate of the latest discoveries in the field of pleasure...


A phenomenal work that opens up new perspectives on, among other things, how we should re-educate our bodies and minds to finally be able to enjoy them.


Agnès Giard - Les 400 Culs - blog Libération – 30/03/2012

This welcome book starts with an in-depth look at the workings of the female anatomy and continues with a wide range of encounters with gynaecologists, therapists, educators and privileged witnesses to tantric and other practices.


A sexual revolution is underway? The proof is in this fascinating book!


Psychologies Magazine – mars 2012

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